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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


What is arthritis?
 if you have trouble moving around or feel pain and stiffness in your body, you could have arthritis. In the majority of cases arthritis causes pain and swelling in the joints.
Eventually a swollen joint can suffer severe damage. In some cases, arthritis can cause problems in the patient's eye, skin or other or
Arthritis is not a single disease - it is a term that covers over 100 medical conditions. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and generally affects elderly patients. Some forms of arthritis can affect people at a very early age.
gouty pains with swelling of right big toe, great inflammation redness and hotness of the toe-joint. She had great buring heat emitting with neuralgic, throbbing tearing pains in the joint, aggravated by warmth of bed, and hot fomentations, but chilling cold of winter also made the pains worse.
 Sole, under big toe was red, hot swollen and was sore to touch with lame,walking on the floor.
Types of arthritis
There are over 100 types of arthritis. Here is a description of some common ones, together with the causes:
With osteoarthritis, the cartilage loses its elasticity. If the cartilage is stiff it becomes damaged more easily. The cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber, will gradually wear away in some areas. As the cartilage becomes damaged tendons and ligaments become stretched, causing pain. Eventually the bones may rub against each other causing very severe pain.
Rheumatoid arthritis
This is an inflammatory form of arthritis. The synovial membrane (synovium) is attacked, resulting in swelling and pain. If left untreated the arthritis can lead to deformity.Rheumatoid arthritis is significantly more common in women than men and generally strikes when the patient is aged between 40 and 60. However, children and much older people may also be affected.During the first ten years after diagnosis, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have a higher risk of blood clots.
Infectious arthritis (septic arthritic)

Infectious arthritis is an infection in the synovial fluid and tissues of a joint. It is usually caused by bacteria, but could also be caused by fungi or viruses.Bacteria, fungi or viruses may spread through the bloodstream from infected tissue nearby, and infect a joint.Most susceptible people are those who already have some form of arthritis and develop an infection that travels in the bloodstream.
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis that affects a person aged 16 or less. JRA can be various forms of arthritis; it basically means that a child has it.
There are three main types:
 1/Pauciarticular JRA, the most common and mildest. The child experiences pain in up to 4 joints.
    2/Polyarticular JRA affects more joints and is more severe. As time goes by it tends to get worse.
   3/ Systemic JRA is the least common. Pain is experienced in many joints. It can spread to organs. This can be the most serious JRA.
Signs and symptoms
Osteoarthritis of the knee
The most commonly affected joints with osteoarthritis are in the hips, hands, knees and spine.
The symptoms of arthritis depend on the type, for example:
The symptoms of osteoarthritis develop slowly and get worse as time goes by. There is pain in a joint, either during or after use, or after a period of inactivity. There will be tenderness when pressure is applied to the joint. The joint will be stiff, especially first thing in the morning.
The patient may find it harder to use the joint - it loses its flexibility. Some patients experience a grating sensation when they use the joint. Hard lumps, or bone spurs may appear around the joint. In some cases the joint might swell.
The most commonly affected joints are in the hips, hands, knees and spine.
Rheumatoid arthritis
The patient often finds the same joints in each side of the body are painfully swollen, inflamed, and stiff. The fingers, arms, legs and wrists are most commonly affected.
Symptoms are usually worst on waking up in the morning and the stiffness can last for 30 minutes at this time. The joint is tender when touched. Hands may be red and puffy. There may be rheumatoid nodules (bumps of tissue under the skin of the patient's arms).
Many patients with rheumatoid arthritis feel tired most of the time. Weight loss is common.The smaller joints are usually noticeably affected first. Experts say patients with rheumatoid arthritis have problems with several joints at the same time.
As the arthritis progresses it spreads from the smaller joints in your hands, wrists, ankles and feet to your elbows, knees, hips, neck, shoulders and jaw.
Infectious arthritis
The patient commonly has a fever, joint inflammation and swelling with infectious arthritis. They will feel tenderness and/or a sharp pain. Often these symptoms are linked to an injury or another illness.
Most commonly affected areas are the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger. In the majority of cases just one joint is affected.
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
The patient is a child and will experience intermittent fevers which tend to peak in the evening and then suddenly disappear. Appetite will be poor and weight may be lost.
There may be blotchy rashes on arms and legs. Anemia is also common. The child may limp or have a sore wrist, finger, or knee. A joint may suddenly swell and stay larger than it usually is. The child may experience a stiff neck, hips or some other joint.
 Arnic = 200 one dose in the beginning and after one hour-Ruta. 30 in alternation with CP6x.-4 grains dose after every 2-4 hours for two days.
 Same medicines -with one more dose of Arnica -200 were repeated in the same order,helpful for acute arthritis.Some emergency medicines for arthritis if applied constitutionally APIS,ACID-BENZ,LEDUM,LITHIUM-CARB,CALC,CALC-FLOUR,LEDUM,LYCO,GRAPH,CAUTICUM,CAULOPH, 


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